Finn O'leary

(Also known by: 'Gallefray', 'fao_')

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I'm a programmer living in the misty mountains of Wales.
For the last two years I have been attending hackathons (including the Young Rewired State).
I am a supporter of the GNU foundation and the EFF. (Although I find actual GNU code hacky and repulsive to read)
I have been working with GNU/Linux for >5 years, and for the past two - three years I have mainly been using Arch Linux
I have a few months of experience with a couple of lisp dialects (including Common Lisp), four years of experience with C and (Intel) Assembly, and almost five years of experience with lua, html, and CSS.
I started out making games, but for the last year I have been experimenting with Language Design (Compilers, Lisps), and OS design (Kernels).
Lately I've been learning (and loving) functional programming.
My newest C code is written in a mixture of K&R-style and Pike Style.
I use vim for most of my text editing needs nowadays. (You may find my dotfiles here.)
I play various musical intruments, such as the banjo, violin, and flute. I also possess the 'unusual' skill of being able to play-by-ear. (I would argue that in fact, while a lot of musicians possess this ability, they don't care to practice it).


My GPG pubkey is here, and my fingerprint is availible here; I am also on

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