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(Also known by: 'Gallefray', 'fao_')

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Here is a list of projects I've been working on, in roughly date order (You may also find more projects at the following links: [1] [2] [3] [4])
Please note that this isn't the complete list. (It doesn't include many of my Assembly projects, and none of my kernels are in here).

[2015-08-23][Cave In!] - A game made in <24 hours for Ludum Dare 33.
[2015-08-21][alisp] - A lisp written in glorious x64 AMD assembly, features a homerolled ELF64 header and stdlib (because I'm using the syscalls && !libc).
[2015-08-13][ncom] - A nanopass compiler built on input rewriting.
[2015-07-28][sexprxml] - Convert S-Expressions to XML. Because XML is disgusting.
[2015-06-02][llisp] - A lisp dialect aimed at consiceness (A small core is a priority), and lua compatibility. 'll' is the Welsh sound, an approximate pronunciation for it is "thlisp". Form an 'l' shape with your mouth and breathe out. Yes, it's a linguistics joke.
[2015-04-28][nn caphilo ligo] - A constructed language designed for brevity and precision.
[2015-02-26][fileception] - A single file that is a valid ELF32, PDF and ZIP.
[2014-12-09][love-edit] - A modular text editor in Love2D/lua. Fully (Emacs level) programmable with lua (Warning: Crufty code).
[2014-11-25][quick-sdl2] - A few header files for getting off the ground with SDL2's Rendering API (Warning: Old + Crufty code).
[2014-10-01][fcc] - A C -> 16bit real-mode assembly compiler. Extremely simplistic. Outputs Intel-syntax assembly.
[2014-06-27][2D DOS] - A 2D library I made in two days for DOS.
[2014-04-29][Spacehack] - My entry for Ludum Dare 29 -- Made in 3~ days.
[2014-03-23][cps] - A small utility to check if a process is running at a set interval.
[2014-03-11][vogon] - A simple rot13 translator that turns input into vogon poetry.
[2013-11-19][Galactic Rift] - An 'infinite' space game. I didn't know enough to be able to finish it at the time, so it got abandoned.
[2013-10-27][Quacklang] - A bunch of SDL helper libraries for games development.
[2013-10-19][James The Madman] - A small irc bot hacked up in lua.
[2013-10-04][shadows] - A simple raycasting test using C+Quacklang.
[2013-09-27][Space! :D] - A weird visual demo for Ludum Dare 27. It was going to be a SHMUP, but I ran out of time.
[2013-04-29][_mau] - A 2D platformer written for Ludum dare 26. Unfortunately there were too many bugs to get anything working, and so I didn't finish in time.
[2012-10-23][Dot] - A 'not game'. Made for Mini Ludum Dare 37.
[2012-09-26][Blobolution] - One of my first games with graphics. Made in two days for Ludum Dare 24.
[2012-06-17][The Winding Caves] - One of my very first games, an Interactive Fiction written in Inform7. Made in two - three days for Mini Ludum Dare 35.

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