Finn O'Leary

I'm a programmer living in the misty mountains of Wales

I have a strong passion for free software and support organizations such as the EFF and the GNU foundation. As well as having committed code to the Linux man-pages project, I have also been semi-active on the Alpine Linux mailing list, and I try to back efforts that make programs not just more-predictable and safer, but also smaller, such as 2f30 and the suckless project.

I am a strong proponent of functional programming and the UNIX methodology, and have wide-spanning interests, including a love of getting 'close to the metal'.

I have recently been investing time in reverse engineering and writing Python clients for Android apps, and will be able to publish some of my work as soon as the responsible disclosure time period has completed.

Some of my non-technical interests include playing musical instruments such as the banjo and violin, and reading up on philosophy and politics.

My three favourite writers are Terry Pratchett, Ursula LeGuin, and Stanisław Lem

You can find my CV here: plain text . man page . PDF


Archivist: A post-mortem

Dissecting Linux Kernel Code

Macro abuse or "Where have my function arguments gone?"

Koios User Tutorial


koios / libkoios - File tagging system utilizing extended attributes

zhmenu - Adaptable pinyin-to-chinese input menu

spotifyc - C library and CLI for the Spotify Web API

wisp - HTML simplifier and macro system (used to generate this website)

Submission for the October 2018 Bad Code Contest (Winner - teardown here)

twc - tiny word count (much faster than GNU wc)

replacer - file includer replacer (much faster than rpr)

LOLsp - a typed lisp where everything is made out of lists


Hacker News account

Gitlab account

Github account (mostly unused)

Second Github account (pretty old)

Ludum Dare